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Caregiver Questions

Why become an OndeCare Hero?

You choose your own rate.

We will provide guidance but you are in control of what you earn for every hour you work.

You decide when you want to work.

You are in complete control of your calendar of availability. You can make changes at any time from your phone, tablet, or computer. If you need assistance, just give us a call - we can make changes for you, too.

Orientation, training, reports, tax management, and local support.

We are here to make sure you are ready and have all the tools you need to build your on demand care business on your own terms. OndeCare is working for you.

We are hear to support. Our App and our OndeCare Concierge Team provide guidance and back-up whenever you need it.

Your input counts.

We are building the premium safe, on-demand care community. We will listen to any and all of your feedback on our site, tools, support services, customers, anything.

What is expected of me as an OndeCare Hero?

This is easy - do what you do best - provide safe, reliable CARE and PEACE OF MIND. And we have tools, like our private messaging system, to help you out. OndeCare clients pay premium rates for safe heroes to provide peace of mind during times of crisis. They count on your Hero credentials and virtues – a person who is courageous, noble, and certified.

OndeCare clients should be able to trust a Hero’s availability.

Therefore, one of the most important things as a Hero is to make sure your AutoBid Availability is accurate and dependable so Clients can book with confidence. Most people (even Heroes) have busy lives – with work, volunteer work, families of your own, and fun; so we have made it as flexible as possible to set and manage your personalized schedule of availability with two levels - AutoBid for the Sure Bets and Possible for the days/times you may want to pick up and OndeCare job.

OndeCare clients come to us in emergency situations, are often frazzled, harried, and sometimes enduring real emergencies or tragedies. Other times they just need an extra trustworthy and fully capable adult to help them succeed at home and at work!

The faster we respond to their messages and job opportunities the quicker we can put their mind at ease. Peace of mind is a huge part of your job as an OndeCare Hero.

As soon as you have accepted a job, send a personal message re-confirming your acceptance of the job. Ask a question, confirm your arrival, or just let them know you are excited for the opportunity to help them out.
Respond to COVID questions and other notifications in a timely manner. Let the client know you have arrived on time – sometimes they are not there to greet you.
Responding to questions quickly and adding meaningful messages with photos to your job report will go a long way to providing the much appreciated peace of mind.
Knowing his or her loved ones are happy and safe is the best peace of mind anyone can get.

Finally, as you know, providing professional and attentive care throughout the engagement is a must and keeps your clients coming back to you.

How much can I earn?

It is up to you!

Caregivers set their own rates. You are encouraged to set your rate at a fair price commensurate with your experience and qualifications and for providing safe, reliable on demand care. A 15% surcharge is added for care requested for same day or next day.

Finally, regardless of schedule of care, 10% or 20% will be added to your base rate for multiples (2 or 3+ respectively) of loved ones requiring care. There is handy calculator on the Rates tab of your Profile that shows you what you would earn in each scenario and what your client would pay.

My schedule changes often. How do I set my availability?

Add times of availability that you may want to consider OndeCare opportunities. Our AssuredMatchTM system will let you know when specific opportunities are pending for your consideration. The more you are available, the more jobs you can get and the more you can earn. It is all up to you!

What about taxes?

OndeCare uses Stripe Connect for payment processing. Stripe Connect will provide pre-generated 1099-NEC tax forms for Caregiver Heroes and OndeCare will distribute the 1099-NEC tax forms to Caregiver Heroes to satisfy IRS reporting obligations. Finally, your transactional data is available real-time in your OndeCare dashboard. We are happy to help! Message us anytime.

What checks do you do on OndeCare Clients?

Safety is our first priority. Our rigorous vetting protocol includes criminal and sex offender checks before Clients are allowed to reach out to or book Heroes.

How do I know that the OndeCare Client has passed all background checks?

Only those that pass all checks can reach out to you or book you.

How do I add the OndeCare App to my phone’s home screen?

We recommend adding the OndeCare App icon to your phone’s home screen so you can easily find it and open it with a single tap. Quick App instalation instructions for Apple and Android devices are as follows.

1) Tap the Share button in Safari browser while in ondecare.com.
2) Tap the icon labeled Add to Home Screen.
3) Tap Add in the upper-right corner.

1) Launch the Chrome browser and go to ondecare.com.
2) Tap the menu icon (3 dots in upper right-hand corner) and tap Add to Home screen.
3) Click Add.

When will OndeCare be an option in my area?

We currently serve Northeast Ohio, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. If you do not live in one of these regions, please be sure to let us know where you are to help us plan.

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