On Demand Care
for Families

There is an OndeCare
Hero for everyone in
your family

How it works?

1. Get Matched

Our matching and bidding system will generate AssuredMatches so you can choose the right Hero quickly and easily.

2. Get Acquainted

Once you are a member you can book your Hero right away or get in contact with them to discuss your needs and plans.

3. Get Care

Relax. Your Hero will be in touch when they’re on their way, arrive, and throughout the care event.

Why is OndeCare Special?


Background check for everyone for the safest care community


Trained care, safety end education professionals


Our heores are there for you in any situation.

On Demand

As soon as two hours from booking plus 100% back-up guarantee.

Where can you find us?

We are present in Ohio: Cleveland & Akron

We are continuously growing. Please help us find out Where we are needed