Curated Resources For OndeCare Families

Here are resources you have asked for or we wish we had ourselves when dealing with the big life challenges associated with caregiving. Caregiving is personal – sometimes we need emotional support from someone who has been through it, sometimes we need an easily accessible support group or virtual meditation class, sometimes we need advice about what to do next or where to go for what, and sometimes we need humor or a flicker of hope. All our resource partners are available for you today, most are free, and all can be explored on your time and on your terms.

Family caregiver support

Courage to Caregivers is an innovative nonprofit with the mission of providing hope, support, and courage to caregivers and loved ones of those living with mental illness. They are in the caregiver burnout prevention business. They offer three (currently virtual) programs at no cost to participants. Programs focus entirely on the caregiver and provide tools to build stronger coping strategies and greater resilience for caregivers.

One-to-One Caregiver Peer Support connects caregivers in need with trained volunteer caregivers offering support.

Support Groups are co-facilitated by a licensed social worker/counselor and a trained peer specialist volunteer who has experience caring for a loved one.

Breathing Meditation classes are led by a certified yoga instructor and allow caregivers to better manage day-to-day and critical stressful situations and improve their health and well-being.

WeCare is a telephone and email-based consultation, care-coordination and care-coaching program designed to support family and friend caregivers of older adults.

  • Navigating community services
  • Planning long-term-care
  • Finding respite care
  • Addressing financial concerns
  • and more...

Articles of interest from WeCare and the Bengamin Rose Resource Library.

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Public Grants make We Care...because you do a free navigational source to anyone seeking help with caregiving for an older adult in Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake Counties, Ohio.

Senior Care Authority provides consulting and placement services that provide solutions for seniors and families trying to find care and living arrangements for aging loved ones. Our dedicated staff based in Northeast Ohio knows the local market and can help to find the appropriate providers for your specific needs

  • Assisted Living, Memory Care, Independent Living Placement Services
  • Local Referral services for
    • Home Care

    • Medicaid & Estate Planning (Elder Law)

    • Senior Moving Companies

    • Most Senior-related services

  • Beyond Driving with Dignity – Older Driver Safety Self Assessments

*The Senior Care Authority network provides these local services throughout the United States as part of nearly 100 locally owned franchises

Noninvasive light therapy to boost memory and attention

Supported by scientific studies, 40hz light therapy has positive effects on concentration, sleep and general brain health. It may also help reduce the effects of cognitive decline and memory loss in Alzheimer's disease.

BRIGHT have brought this knowledge into the home in the form of the Beacon-40, a safe, noninvasive wellness light that delivers passive light therapy as part of a daily routine.

BRIGHT and OndeCare were in the same Techstars Future of Longevity Accelerator, sponsored by Melinda French Gates’ Pivotal Ventures. Together we seek to solve the Care Economy’s biggest challenges.

Vivo is the premier online, live and interactive fitness program for people 55+.

Unlike videos or livestream classes that don’t give you personalized feedback or create accountability, Vivo’s classes are live and interactive 2-way experiences.

Small group classes allow Vivo to provide individualized feedback from a live trainer while also providing a fun, socially engaging experience and building community. 1-on-1 assessments measure progress and keep members motivated.

Vivo also received a grant from the National Institute on Aging to study the program as a clinical intervention for older adults with prediabetes, demonstrating the scientific foundation and effectiveness of the program.

Walter is a free, unbiased newsletter for adults focusing on topics such as current events, aging, travel, and technology.

You might find it interesting that Walter Cronkite is the influence for Walter’s moniker and content – and that’s the way it is!

Informative content that sparks conversation and bridges generations.

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