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What Are My Childcare Options in Waterford ?

Whether you are a new parent, going back to work, or moving to a new town the thought of finding childcare in Waterford can feel daunting. Trusting someone new to care for your child or infant is not easy.
But, you are not alone, it is estimated that 11 million children under the age of 5 spend an average of 35 hours a week in child care. The number of choices available can be overwhelming but the good news is that no matter your needs, there is a solution that will work

Some of the most popular options available to you are:

  • Being a stay-at-home Parent
  • Relative Care
  • Babysitter
  • Nanny
  • Au Pair
  • Mother’s Helper
  • Nanny Share
  • Daycare Center
  • In-Home Daycare
  • Independent Child Care Provider

Stay-at-home Parent

Stay-at-home parents take either an extended or permanent leave from work to raise their child(ren). This may make sense if the costs of childcare are too similar to your own payrate. You get to have a front-row seat to your child’s development, but some parents feel this can be isolating and not mentally stimulating. Socialization for the children would need to be organized with others but for some being home with their child(ren) is most important. Respite care, provided by local babysitters or an independant child care provider, can help give you a break when you need it, too.

Relative Care

Sometimes a family member can provide care for your child in your home or in theirs and they may not charge you. Most often this is a retired grandparent who lives close or is willing to relocate to be close to grandchildren. You may like this option as it is someone you know and trust, but your child will not get the socialization of being in a larger group of children. Access to a network or resource of part-time caregivers can fill in the gaps when your relative needs time off.


A Babysitter is someone who can be trusted to be alone in the home with your children and is typically paid by the hour. A babysitter usually spends a few hours playing with and caring for your children but may not have the skill set to do education or learning activities. This is typically a good solution for those who need a few hours a day or a week and need to be outside of the home.


A Nanny is an experienced professional who provides not just childcare but education, experiences, household chores, meal prep, transportation, etc. This person will likely charge more than a babysitter but may work for a flat rate for the week rather than an hourly wage. They typically have the necessary education that would support the higher rate of pay. This is a great solution for those who work full-time outside of the home but want their children to remain in their own environment. Nanny's are household employees and if you privately hire them you will be responsible for ensuring that all tax requirements are met.

Au Pair

An Au Pair is typically someone who performs all the duties that a nanny does but they are from another country that lives with you – so you will need space to accommodate them. There are governmental regulations that require you to supply room and board and a stipend. The Au Pair must hold a J-1 Visa and it is best to work with a company that specializes in Au Pair placement.

Mothers (Parents) Helper

A Mothers Helper is a great solution for those looking for part-time help on weekdays, weekends, or evenings or when older school-aged children are available. This role is usually held by a young person who is learning skills for future childcare positions. They would assist you by freeing you up to complete other household chores or work and allow them to gain the knowledge to be on their own in the future. This is typically a low-cost childcare solution for those who need an extra set of hands but not a solution for someone who works full-time outside of the home.

Child Swap or Nanny-share

You may find a parent who is willing to alternate days of caring for both families’ children. These arrangements are typically free as you are trading days but only work if your schedule allows such availability. A Nanny-share works when two families have the same needs and find one Nanny to watch all the children. The hourly rate of the Nanny would be split between the families, and they may alternate the home they watch the children in. Clear communication and expectations are vital for either of these to work.

Daycare Center

These are licensed by the state and can provide newborn care up to school age. Once you select a center that works for you, your child could remain in the same community for years to come. There are trained and experienced providers who work with your child’s developmental needs and prepare them for school. This is a great opportunity for those who work full time and do not want care provided in the home or cannot afford to do so as a daycare center is typically more affordable than a nanny.

In-Home Daycare

An in-home daycare center can be licensed or not licensed depending on your state and the number of children that are enrolled. This is typically in someone’s home and they may have a variety of ages present. If you are working full-time outside of the home and would like a smaller, more home-like environment for your child, this may be a solution for you. The provider may not have any formal training or education, and many don’t have a backup if they are sick, take holiday or vacation.

Independent Child Care Provider in Waterford

A service like OndeCare in Waterford can provide you with a professional that would fit into many of the other types of providers such as babysitters, au pairs, and nannies. The benefit of using a company like OndeCare is that the background check and vetting is done for you. A professional care provider can be used for long-term daily use or for as-needed backup solutions like when your child is home sick or your regular care provider is off duty. You are still given the option to handpick the provider that will be coming into your home to work with you and your children. The care provider's profiles include references, reviews, a biography, and a video for your review.

What is the Best Childcare in Waterford for Your Family?

Each family has different needs and will choose an option that suits them best for that stage in their life. As needs and desires change, you can always revisit what arrangement would work best for you at this stage. If one doesn’t work out, you can search for a different option. If the decision feels monumental or overwhelming try to keep in mind that you are deciding for where you are right now, not forever.

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