Waterford Childcare and Working From Home

The pandemic has paved the way for a new way of working – work from home (WFH), hybrid, or remote work. The standard work schedule at an office requiring a commute every day has now been replaced with a flexible, hybrid option where many knowledge workers can work from home all or much of their work week.
According to a recent FlexJobs survey 94% of respondents think that a flexible or hybrid job will help them be a better parent but what does remote work mean for childcare today?

What does Remote Work mean for Child Care in Waterford?
There are several options for those that work from home – part-time or full-time. In no particular order, there are essentially four childcare options in Waterford. It is the combination of these four that makes it possible to create the perfect, custom infant or childcare solution for you and your family.

  • Full-time nanny or au pair
  • Full-time daycare
  • Part-time in-home caregiver or babysitter
  • Part-time or flexible daycare drop-off
If you have the ability to work remote all or part of the time, you now have the choice to match your child or children with the right caregiving routine for them. You can choose a traditional daycare, 5 days per week or select ad hoc in-home care when you need it, and any option in between. You can even mix and match these four childcare solutions to give your child variety and stimulation, while building specific skills or nurturing passions or interests unique to each of them. Of course, the cost of childcare will be a factor as well.

Full-time nanny, au pair, or a private educator is the most expensive option

Depending on the mental stress of your remote job, your budget, and/or your child’s needs full-time in-home care may be for you. A full-time nanny, au pair or even a private educator coming to your own home every day could afford you the freedom to get things done while giving your child the personal attention and support they need. A private caregiver also gives you the flexibility to be close by to your infant or children to allow for those special moments when you can pop into their day.
Full-time private hire is expensive and hourly rates or annual salaries vary depending on experience and the volume of professional in-home caregivers near you.
Reliability is also important as is having backup options for when the regular care provider is sick or has time off. Here, au pairs may be better than nannies as in most cases the au pair will live with you in your own home. Nannies and au pairs can be found through nanny and au pair agencies but can also be privately hired from online job boards and. The private hire route is cheaper, but you will need to do the work searching, interviewing, and vetting potential candidates as well as handling the Household Employee tax responsibilities.

Full-time daycare is the least expensive option

If you can no longer do double duty or if you are seeking structure and stimulation for your child or infant, full-time daycare is still the best most affordable childcare choice.
Daycares as well as traditional elementary schools are still great for building social and emotional skills as well as a foundation of learning necessary to succeed later in life. Regulations ensure early learning basics are provided to every child at accredited or approved daycares. If this fits your child and your budget, be sure to look for highly rated daycares near you. You may still need a back-up care option for sick days and snow days, however, and a service like OndeCare which provides caregivers at short notice can be a lifesaver!

Part-time, in-home childcare is a great medium cost option.

If you are looking for the most flexibility and control and your budget is a bit larger than area daycare costs but not quite large enough for a full-time caregiver, then flexible, part-time childcare in your home may be for you.
The key is to tap into a reliable and flexible pool of babysitters or professional childcare providers to get you the best of both worlds. Nanny placement agencies typically don’t place part-time nannies so for most finding childcare providers is by word-of-mouth recommendations or through an online job board like Care.com or Urbansitter. Online job boards will give you give you a list or providers to start from but don’t do the work of vetting, matching, and coordinating schedules and can't guarantee reliability or provide backup options. If available in your area, a more comprehensive option is ondecare.com which matches you with pre-vetted, professional childcare providers, helps you schedule and manage your caregivers and also automates back-up care when you need it.

Part-time daycare is another medium cost option.

Some daycares allow for less than the traditional 5-day commitment Actually, again thanks to the pandemic, more daycares have figured out how to make this an option – some innovative daycares have built their businesses around this burgeoning need for flexibility when it comes to infant care, child care, or special needs care.
Part-time or flexible daycare drop-off is more expensive than traditional full-time daycare but can give you and your child the best of both worlds – some routine and some flexibility. If available in your area, a more comprehensive option is ondecare.com which matches you with pre-vetted, professional childcare providers, helps you schedule and manage your caregivers and also automates back-up care when you need it.

Which solution is best for me when working from home?

In-home childcare in Waterford, full-time or part-time, while it can be the most flexible, tends to be more expensive than the daycare. Daycare is still the most cost-efficient childcare solution and now many daycares offer part-time options, too. If neither on its own is ideal, consider combining part-time daycare with flexible in-home childcare to create a tailored solution that perfectly fits both your child's needs as well as your work from home schedule!

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