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A Guide to Home Care Services for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities

In-home care services cover a wide array of non-medical services which help an older adult, senior or person with special needs stay living safely and happily in their own home. They may be needed by people as they age or by adults with a disability or chronic illness. Services can also be required for a short term after a person has had surgery or is transitioning back home after a hospital stay.

Choosing the right care for yourself or your adult loved one makes all the difference when it comes to comfort and safety but deciding on which home care services are needed can be confusing.

The main categories of home care services to consider are:

  • Personal care
  • Light housekeeping
  • Mobility assistance
  • Emotional care
  • Health-related care
  • Errands and transportation

Personal Care

The aging process, physical limitations, and cognitive decline can all make it increasingly difficult for older adults to perform many of the everyday activities that we all take for granted but are necessary for personal care and independent living. These activities include bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, and managing toileting needs or incontinence. Together with safe mobilization, they are often referred to as activities of daily living (ADLs). In-home caregivers, OndeCare Heroes, can help older adults with all activities of daily living while ensuring they retain as much independence as possible.

Light housekeeping

Maintaining a clean, safe home environment can become a challenge as mobility and strength decline. Help with light housekeeping tasks such as cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, changing bed linen, and vacuuming is often included in services provided by an in-home caregiver. Certain tasks such as home organization can involve the care recipient and even be made into a fun activity! Some caregivers will naturally perform light duties around the house as part of their daily work while others may view this as an extra service to be negotiated. What is considered 'light' housekeeping also differs from person to person so always be specific when asking for these services and on how much time the Hero caregiver is expected to spend on them during each visit.

Mobility assistance

Chronic illness, arthritis, balance problems, and muscle weakness can all limit the mobility of older adults. A wide range of in-home activities can be affected by physical limitations, from being able to stand long enough to cook a meal at the stove to the inability to get out of bed or a chair without assistance. Mobility assistance is a common reason for hiring an OndeCare Hero who can help ensure a care recipient continues to mobilize to their maximum ability while remaining safe and free from falls. Most qualified Hero caregivers will be trained and experienced in safe lifting, transferring and mobility aid use as well as in minimizing mobility hazards around the home. Where special assistance is required, such as the use of lifting equipment to get a person in and out of bed, make sure that the caregiver has had or can access relevant training.

Health-related care

While in-home care is mostly non-medical, an OndeCare in-home caregiver can help with many aspects of an older adult's medical care. Such healthcare-related services include reminding seniors to take their medications, transportation to physicians and other healthcare appointments, and helping disabled adults with physical therapy. An in-home caregiver will often provide some or all of these services and can even help facilitate telehealth appointments. Legislation around medication assistance varies from state to state, some allowing professional caregivers to assist in preparing the medications to be taken and others only allowing them to provide reminders.

Emotional care

Emotional care is often last to be considered but can be the most important factor for happiness and mental wellbeing. OndeCare caregivers coming to the home provide companionship and conversation and can ensure that the caregiver engages in meaningful activities of interest with the care recipient. Trips out for socialization, such as to a senior center or to see a movie, can also be a key service that an in-home caregiver can provide. Many people who require little physical help still benefit greatly from including emotional care as part of a well-considered home care plan and compassionate caregivers. There is a proven corroletion between a senior's healthy emotional wellbeing and continued independent living.

Errands and transportation
Just because an aging parent or other older adult has turned in their car keys and stopped driving shouldn't mean that they can't continue their normal outside home activities. In-home cargivers with a driver's license, and automobile insurance can run errands and provide transportation to many types of activity. At OndeCare we check our caregiver's driver's license and insurance so you don't have to and to make sure they are ready and safe to help with the following:

  • Grocery shopping and other everyday errands.
  • Doctors and other healthcare appointments.
  • Picking up prescriptions.
  • Hairdressing and barber appointments.
  • Social activities such as church, senior meetups, concerts or just visiting friends!

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