Special Needs Child Care

Taking care of a child with special needs requires dedication, patience, and specialized knowledge.
At OndeCare, we understand that every child is unique and deserves care that's tailored to their specific requirements. We provide special needs child care across Northeast Ohio, Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC, ensuring that families have access to the compassion and support they need.
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Comprehensive Care for Your Special Need Child

Our child care services are designed to provide families with peace of mind, knowing that their child is in the hands of experienced and empathetic caregivers. Direct Support Professionals, Paraprofessionals, and Nurse’s Aides with years of experience are standing by to assist you when you need it.

These services include:

Autism Care

Offering attention and structured routines to create a comfortable environment.

Down’s Syndrome Care

Focusing on developing social skills, language, and self-help abilities.

Cerebral Palsy Care

Providing specialized care tailored to the unique physical and emotional needs of children with cerebral palsy.

Emotional & Behavioral Support

Implementing strategies to encourage positive behavior and emotional well-being.

Experienced Caregivers You Can Trust

Credentials, interviews, reference checks, and a criminal background check are all part of OndeCare's intake process. Their skills and experience are carefully evaluated to ensure the highest standards of care for your child. The caregivers we select are not only qualified but also compassionate, understanding the unique challenges and joys that come with special needs child care.

Areas We Serve

We serve all major parts of Northeast Ohio, Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia
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Special Needs Babysitting

Finding the right babysitter for a child with special needs can be a challenging process. At OndeCare, we've simplified this by providing dedicated special needs babysitting services that cater to the unique requirements of your child.

Our skilled and compassionate caregivers are experienced in working with children who have various special needs, offering a supportive and safe environment. They engage in meaningful activities tailored to the child's interests and abilities, promoting social development and personal growth.

Whether it's an occasional evening out or regular respite, OndeCare's special needs babysitting services offer families the reassurance that their child is cared for with the utmost professionalism and empathy, allowing parents to enjoy their time with peace of mind.

Flexible and Convenient Service

We recognize that families with special needs children often face unique scheduling challenges. That's why OndeCare offers flexible scheduling options to make it easier for you to balance work, family commitments, and your child's care. You can dictate the hours of care you need, aligning with your family's routine.

Affordability Without Compromising Quality

OndeCare leverages technology to replace the costly overhead of traditional care agencies, allowing us to offer specialized child care services at a more affordable rate. OndeCare providers are paid more but families pay less than traditional home care or nanny placement agencies. Our focus is on quality, ensuring that each child receives the attention they deserve without straining your family's budget.

Special needs child care is more than a service. It's a commitment to enhancing the lives of children and their families. We're here to support you, providing expert care that meets your child's unique needs, fostering growth, and building a strong foundation for their future. Whether you're seeking daily support or occasional respite, OndeCare is here to offer the compassionate and professional care you've been searching for across all four regions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if an OndeCare Hero is experienced with the particular need that my child has?

Each Hero’s profile includes their qualifications and a description of their experience caring for those with special needs. In addition, you can contact any OndeCare Hero through the messaging system to ask them specific questions related to your child’s needs to determine if it is a right fit for everyone.

Can I pay for an OndeCare Hero’s services through my child’s special needs waiver with the county?

It may be possible to use program funds to pay for an OndeCare Hero’s services. We suggest you speak with your caseworker, as each county has different programs. We are willing to provide any information to you or your caseworker to assist in any way.

Can I schedule special needs babysitting for just a few hours or on weekends?

Absolutely! OndeCare offers flexible scheduling options to fit your needs. Whether it's a few hours, a weekend, or a regular schedule, we can accommodate your family's requirements.

Is OndeCare's special needs child care service available in my area?

OndeCare's special needs care services are available across all of Northeast Ohio, Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC metro areas. Simply sign-up for free and create a job based on your care needs - this will take less than 5 minutes and our AssuredMatch™ system will reach out to the best matches for you.

Can OndeCare provide care for my child with a specific condition such as Autism or Cerebral Palsy?

Yes, our caregivers have experience with various special needs abilities or conditions, including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and more. OndeCare providers (we call Heroes) work closely with families to understand the child's specific needs, preferences, and routines to provide individualized care.

How does OndeCare ensure the safety and well-being of my child?

Safety is our utmost priority. Along with our thorough onboarding process for caregivers, we strive to match families with babysitters who are best suited to the child's specific needs and personality. We encourage open communication between families and caregivers to ensure a comfortable and secure environment.

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